The idea

The story of a new sensation

Klic-Klic is an original idea by Narcís Bosch. Narcís is an adult film director. Porn director, to be clear. Curious mind, wacky brain and a creative soul. A perfect combination to explore what others don't dare to explore. This is why Narcís is one of the most internationally acclaimed Spanish directors, and the first one to have won an AVN award (for his movie Hot Rats).

When Narcís’ partner moved thousands of miles away, he wouldn't rest until he found a solution. He had an idea, and he’s not one of those who give up halfway-through. So Narcís reached out for the people to help him develop his project. That’s how he on boarded Iván García Domènech and Andreu Carulla.

Iván is an expert in systems analysis and programming, specialised in hardware and software development. The man for the job. And indeed, he was tasked with designing the hardware and programming system for Klic-Klic. Andreu, who is an industrial designer with keen creator soul, was the right candidate to shape up the idea behind Klic-klic and give it its best stylish looks.

And to ensure that no vibration was lost, the team was advised by Marina Castro. Marina is a sexologist, responsible for the sexual accuracy of Klic-Klic. She’s to blame for Klic-Klic's extreme pleasure efficiency.

Supporting this team, the project was integrated into 3Data, a leading group in the online adult leisure industry. 3Data owns some of the main portals in Spain, such as: videochaterotico.com and actricesdelporno.com, both of which already incorporate Klic-Klic technology in their video chat rooms.

It's been over two years since we started this venture, and we are confident of Klic-Klic's success and the revolution it will bring not only to long-distance relationships, but also to the online sex experience as we now understand it. Klic-klic is a pioneering sex toy that will make the industry take a quantum leap. This is why we are strongly committed to Klic-Klic and with it we welcome the 3.0 Era.

The future

What is yet to come

Klic-Klic was created from a very personal experience and now has an ambition of international scope.

Klic-klic was conceived at a time when its creator and his partner were far apart, but felt really close to each other. The idea of long-distance sensorial communication, which planted the seeds of what Klic-Klic is today, grew from their desire to break barriers, play and communicate.

Connectivity and communication are the pillars of the Klic-klic project. Our objective is sex connection. Connecting couples, friends, lovers… and any other who dares to try, feel and go beyond the routine.

In today's time, when connectivity is increasingly necessary, when communication is an even more prominent part of our day, Klic-Klic represents the next logical step in the evolution of sexual relations. An innovative tool opening the door to a world of possibilites.

At Klic-Klic we are constantly seeking for improvement and top quality, to be on the front line of the next stage of interpersonal relationships.

Don’t miss out, feel the sex connection.



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